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What is Inter-Rater Reliability

Applied Linguistics and Language Education Research Methods: Fundamentals and Innovations
The harmony or concurrence amongst several examiners or observers in evaluating and making decisions.
Published in Chapter:
Reliability and Validity in Quantitative Research
Beatrice Bunmi Adeyemi (Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2603-9.ch007
This chapter is specifically designed for undergraduate and graduate students of applied linguistics, language education, language teachers, as well as applied linguists. It offers readers a thorough exploration into the intricacies of maintaining credibility and precision in their quantitative research work. The extensive content delves beyond superficial comprehension by presenting an intricate grasp on the fundamental principles required to establish reliability and validity. The chapter will guide readers through an exploration of the fundamental aspects of quantitative research, emphasizing the importance of reliability and validity evaluation. By delving into key concepts and methods for assessing measurement accuracy, consistency, and dependability, readers will acquire a deep understanding that enhances their overall research quality. Upon completion of this chapter, individuals will possess vital comprehension on reliability and validity. Moreover, they shall gain the ability to uphold their research's meticulousness and credibility in quantitative studies.
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Certifications for Medical Interpreters: A Comparative Analysis
the degree of agreement among raters (Inter-rater concordance)
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Assessing the Composition Program on Our Own Terms
The degree to which different readers assess the same document with the same score.
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International School Teachers' Professional Development in Response to the Needs of Third Culture Kids in the Classroom
A statistical term relating to the degree of agreement among raters, providing a score of how much consensus there is in the ratings given by each rater.
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Learning to Work and Working to Learn: What We are Learning and How Technology and Assessment Can Help
Reliability is consistency over time, and inter-rater refers to consistent agreement among raters judging a performance.
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