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What is Resident

Handbook of Research on Cloud-Based STEM Education for Improved Learning Outcomes
Generally younger, “see the Web as a place…in which there are clusters of friends and colleagues whom they can….share information about life and work” ( White & Le Cornu, 2011 , Section IV.2). Residents have grown up with widespread Internet-based technology and have little basis for distinguishing “real life” from “online”.
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Cloud-Based Social Media as LMS: A Fit for STEM in Developing and Newly Developed Economies
Matthew A. Eichler (Texas State University, USA) and Las Johansen Balios Caluza (Leyte Normal University, Philippines)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9924-3.ch007
Social media, with its ubiquitous characteristics and availability for use throughout the world, may serve as a replacement for many features typically associated with learning management systems (LMS). These systems are generally free to use, rely on robust servers with high speed connections, and are already widely used on mobile phones and other devices, unlike learning management systems, which are typically used for the duration of educational experience and then no longer available to students. Due to low budgets available for IT, universities in developing and newly developed countries may consider alternatives to the LMS, which is both expensive, and relies either on paid services or the provisioning of servers. Educators should consider potential negative aspects and positive aspects of the use of these tools in higher education before adopting for widespread use. STEM learning may be especially enhanced through the use of social networking services (SNS) as LMS.
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International Medical Experiences Outbound New Zealand: An Economic and Medical Workforce Strategy
A medical graduate engaged in specialised practice under supervision in a hospital.
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Virtual Learning Environments for a New Teaching Methodology
And 'a goer, player, national, from SecondLife® inhabitant. Piu 'precisely, Linden Labs defines resident all created in Second Life account, including those of persons who after a first time are no longer came into world. It follows that the resident are much more numerous than there are regular players of SecondLife®, although there is no precise definition of “regular player.”
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Using Virtual Worlds to Assist Distributed Teams
The name used to describe the real world player or user in Second Life.
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Rural Tourism: A South African Township Perspective
A person who lives somewhere on a long-term basis or permanently.
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Effects of Racial and Ethnic Matching of Teacher Candidates of Color With Mentors
A resident, or teacher candidate, is recruited, selected, and enrolls in a teacher residency program to engage in a full-year clinical experience, working alongside a mentor teacher while receiving aligned coursework. A resident becomes a graduate of the program by successfully passing all assessments and earning their licensure or certification by the end of the program.
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The Usefulness of Second Life for Language Learning
Real-life people who interact within Second Life and are referred to as “residents” of the environment.
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