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What is Resource Management

Handbook of Research on Grid Technologies and Utility Computing: Concepts for Managing Large-Scale Applications
The way of providing grid resources to users by satisfying both requests of users and providers.
Published in Chapter:
Adaptive Resource Management in Grid Environment
Man Wang (Tsinghua University, China), Zhihui Du (Tsinghua University, China), and Zhili Cheng (Tsinghua University, China)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-184-1.ch011
Resource Management System (RMS), which manages the Grid resources and matches the applications’ requests to the proper resources, is one of the most important and complex parts in Grid systems. In fact, because of the complexity of Gird environment, one resource management approach alone cannot satisfy different applications’ requirement. Therefore, a novel Adaptive Resource Management (ARM) mechanism is provided here. This mechanism is based on multidimensional Grid QoS, which dynamically organizes Grid resources into Task Resources for feasible distribution. Moreover, this management mechanism can select appropriate management approach according to different applications’ requirements, which is well adapted to dynamic Grid environment.
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Renewable Energy Technologies, Sustainable Development, and Environment
Efficient incident management requires a system for identifying available resources at all jurisdictional levels to enable timely and unimpeded access to resources needed to prepare for, respond to, or recover from an incident. Resource management is the efficient and effective deployment for an organisation's resources when they are needed. Such resources may include financial resources, inventory, human skills, production resources, or information technology (IT).
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The Role of Government Regulations on Business Practices in China: Impact and Lessons for Global Sustainability
Resource management involves planning, monitoring, and optimizing the use of natural resources to ensure their sustainable availability for current and future generations.
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Quality of Service of Grid Computing
The management and control of applications running on resources to enforce specific QoS policies, and carry out the scheduling decisions.
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IT Governance in the Public Sector in a Developing Country
Is one of the IT governance focus areas about optimal investment in, and the proper management of, critical IT resources i.e. applications, information, infrastructure and people. Key issues relate to the optimization of knowledge and infrastructure.
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Circular Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing Companies
The process of planning, scheduling, and assigning resources like people, cash, and technology to a particular project or program is referred to as “resource management”. In its most basic form, it is the process of distributing resources so as to maximize the contribution those resources make to the organization. If there is proper management of the available resources, then the appropriate resources will be made available at the appropriate time for the appropriate work. The process by which businesses plan, schedule, and allot their resources in order to achieve the greatest possible amount of organizational value is referred to as resource management, which is also known as resource planning. These resources can either be intangible, such as skills and time, or tangible, such as equipment, materials, and financial resources. Skills and time are examples of intangible resources.
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Network Selection Strategies and Resource Management Schemes in Integrated Heterogeneous Wireless and Mobile Networks
The allocation of radio resource like channel, bandwidth to different types of traffic. Optimization of resource management can achieve better system performance.
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A Fabric Resource Management System (FRMS) for Fashion Product Development
The allocation and deployment of resources within an organization in an effective way.
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A Fuzzy Real Option Model to Price Grid Compute Resources
This refers to provision of the grid resources to users at the time of requested utilization.
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Advanced Cognitive Radio-Enabled Spectrum Management
Is the efficient and effective deployment of a node's resources when they are needed.
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Corporate Elderly Entrepreneurship in the Digital World
A management type of the sum of available or ready-to-use components that make an organization functional.
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