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What is Restorative Practice

The Role of Child Life Specialists in Community Settings
An approach that focuses on strengthening the community, building healthy relationships, and conflict prevention and resolution. It is a social science that aims to improve relationships and repair any harm that has been done. All parties are included and treated with dignity to create a positive and equitable school culture.
Published in Chapter:
Audra Holst-VanNoord (Lowell Area School District, USA), Jessica Lewin (River Valley School District, USA), and Courtney Rosborough (Edmonton Catholic School District, Canada)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 41
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5097-0.ch005
Child life specialists in schools help students, school staff, and families function more cohesively, advocating for the needs of each individual while continuing to prioritize child development. This chapter will outline the student and staff needs that child life specialists are uniquely suited to meet while also giving an overview of interventions, supports, roles, and coping strategies that can be led by a child life specialist within the school setting. Throughout this chapter, one will see how easily a child life specialist can integrate into existing systems or propose a new position within the school environment.
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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Teaching and Learning: Teachers' Perspectives on Providing Online Social Support and Academic Instruction in the USA
A philosophical framework and set of strategies that seek to build, continuously strengthen, and repair relationships within a community or institution (e.g., school, juvenile justice system).
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Restorative Practice: Moving From Harm to Healing
Processes that proactively focus on preventing harm and being responsive when harm occurs, particularly regarding relationships and community.
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A Restorative Approach to Culturally Responsive Schools
Restorative practice refers to a broad range of principles and processes that involves both a proactive approach to preventing harm and conflict and activities that repair harm where conflicts have already arisen ( Hopkins, 2015 , p. 22).
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