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What is Retailing

Handbook of Research on Retailer-Consumer Relationship Development
Group of activities that involves the process of selling products and services directly to the customer as a way of fulfilling one’s personal needs.
Published in Chapter:
Frontline Employees' Self-Perception of Ageism, Sexism, and Lookism: Comparative Analyses of Prejudice and Discrimination in Fashion and Food Retailing
Mirian Palmeira (Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Brazil)
Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6074-8.ch015
The aim of this chapter is to identify whether frontline employees perceived themselves as having feelings of sexism, ageism, and appearance discrimination against customers in retail services. This investigation is a quantitative research, a conclusive description (Gil, 2002), and ex post facto study, which utilises a survey to collect the data and sampling by convenience. Three protocols are used (1) to format the questionnaire, (2) to produce 12 different standards combining age, gender, and appearance, and (3) to create social classification (Rattam, 1998). In a previous study (Palmeira, Palmeira, & Santos, 2012), customers of different ages and genders perceived some degree of prejudice and discrimination in face-to-face retail services. Now, on the other side of the coin, frontline employees who work in Fashion and Food retailing recognise that there is prejudiced behaviour against customers, depending on their age, gender, and appearance, when providing them with face-to-face retail services. More than 95% of female and more than 64% of male attendants believe that well-dressed, young female customers are given priority when being served. Almost 80% of female and only 58% of male frontline workers believe that badly-dressed middle-aged men (not younger men) are the last to be served when there is no clear queuing process in the retail spatial area. This context strongly suggests the growing importance of an interpersonal skills training process for an organisations' staff as a way of avoiding behaviour that makes the customers think that there are prejudice and discrimination in the service process, as well as ASL development (T&D against Ageism, Sexism, and Lookism) being part of the strategic statements.
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“A set of business activities which are carried out to accomplishing the exchange of goods and services for purposes of personal, family, or household use, whether performed in a store or by some form of non-store selling” (American Marketing Association, 2015).
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Customer Experience Management in the Digital Marketing Era: An Omnichannel Retailing Strategy
All the activities in selling products and services directly to consumers (i.e., end users) for their personal needs and wants.
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Eatertainment: The New Era in Lateral Thinking – Issues and Competing Trends in Retailing
It is an operation of allocating products and services to provide moments of valuable purchase experiences.
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Pre-, During-, and Post-COVID-19 Era in Retailing: Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Retailing
Group of business operations that deliver value to the products and services offered for consumers’ personal or family use.
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Internationalization of Retailing: The Case of Turkish Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery Retailer Getir
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