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What is Reverse Mentoring

Resilience of Multicultural and Multigenerational Leadership and Workplace Experience
A dyadic relationship in which a younger or more junior member is the mentor to a more senior colleague (mentee); it is the opposite relational structure of traditional mentoring. The reconfiguration helps to promote leadership development, and can also foster strong intergenerational relationships, reduce turnover, and promote multigenerational diversity.
Published in Chapter:
Futureproofing a Resilient Leadership Pipeline Through Reverse Mentoring
Renata A. Walton (University of Phoenix, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1802-7.ch010
This chapter explores the phenomenon of reverse mentoring (RM) practices in helping leaders connect and engage with a multigenerational organization through appreciative inquiry. Reverse mentoring is an inverted modality that shifts the role of the mentor and mentee by pairing junior knowledge workers to help more experienced leaders acquire new learning. RM can help support the tenets of resilience within a multicultural and multigenerational organization through various behaviors such as positive adaptation, emotional intelligence, and continuous learning. The author provides a framework for a consistent approach to reverse mentoring. Organizational theory, through various theoretical lenses, guides the recommendations presented. Throughout this chapter, organizational development practitioners and organizational leaders can gain a broader perspective on the business criticality of understanding generational proclivities and the extraordinary benefits of reverse mentoring to build a more resilient workforce.
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Embedding Ubiquitous Technologies
Reverse mentoring relationships are developed to gain technical expertise and a different perspective. They are not necessarily a younger to older person match, but rather more a peer-to-peer relationship where both people have a lot to teach and lot to learn. In an educational setting, this is usually experienced by teachers who have students assist them with technology in either informed curricular design assistance or technical assistance.
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Cartoons Cast an Eternal Impact on Personalities: Effects of Cartoons on Children
Refers to an initiative in which older executives are paired with and mentored by younger employees on topics such as technology, social media and current trends.
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