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What is Ritual

Handbook of Research on Study Abroad Programs and Outbound Mobility
A formalised, predetermined set of symbolic actions generally performed in a particular environment at a regular, recurring interval. Rituals can have a basic sociological function in expressing, inculcating, and reinforcing the shared values and beliefs of a society.
Published in Chapter:
Intercultural Communication between East and West: Implications for Students on Study Abroad Programs to China
Ping Yang (Western Sydney University, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0169-5.ch030
This chapter examines verbal and non-verbal intercultural communication challenges faced by Australian students studying abroad in China. Using intercultural communication theories, the author analyses potential cultural shock and intercultural differences to help Australian students be aware of academic and social survival skills in their destination country. While there are many publications about international students' intercultural communication issues and intercultural adaptation difficulties within English-speaking countries, there are comparatively few works on Australian students' intercultural communication competence needed for living in China. This chapter looks at pedagogical implications of intercultural communication training for Australian students prior to their overseas studies and outbound mobility experience.
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Pluralistic Tendencies in Healing Abantu Illness in the Contemporary South Africa
Religion in action whereby an act is done in a particular situation in a set precise manner which is the same each time it is performed for the relief of anxiety. The term has also been circularised whereby a ritual becomes any act that is regularly repeated in a set precise manner.
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The Real Westworlds
Ceremony for religious or spiritual purposes.
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Gifted and Talented School Activities for Students With Special Educational Needs Through Drama Therapy
Initiatory, transition (baptism, matriculation, rituals of transition to adulthood) – important because of deep awareness of life change. Opening, closing the event, period, lesson (carnival, new year eve, religious rituals at the beginning and end of the pray) – awareness of difference between time periods. Invoke a role (robe, red nose, costume, uniform, mask) – awareness of being in role and not being in role.
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Dismantling Cultural Walls: Peace Through Stories, Ritual, Community, and Action
A ceremony, frequently religious, which uses symbols and movements in an established order.
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