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What is Target Culture

Handbook of Research on Innovations in Database Technologies and Applications: Current and Future Trends
the culture for which one revises source materials in the localization process.
Published in Chapter:
The Role of Rhetoric in Localization and Offshoring
Kirk St. Amant (East Carolina University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-242-8.ch089
Globalization is increasingly integrating the world’s economies and societies. Now, products created in one nation are often marketed to a range of international consumers. Similarly, the rapid diffusion of online media has facilitated cross-border interactions on social and professional levels. Differing cultural expectations, however, can cause miscommunications within this discourse paradigm. Localization – customizing a communiqué to meet cultural expectations – has thus become an important aspect of today’s global economy. This essay examines localization in offshoring practices that could affect database creation and maintenance.
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Modeling a User’s Culture
The culture of the target market for which the product is designed.
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