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What is White Fragility

Developing, Delivering, and Sustaining School Counseling Practices Through a Culturally Affirming Lens
Feelings of discomfort, sensitivity, resistance, or defensiveness a White person experiences when discussing racism and other forms of injustice against marginalized or minority groups.
Published in Chapter:
School Counselors as Social Justice Advocates: Dismantling Racism and Bias in Schools
Crystal E. Hatton (Liberty University, USA) and Krystal L. Clemons (Liberty University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9514-5.ch005
The thought of dismantling racism and bias in schools can leave school counselors in a state of despair because this task may seem daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible. The purpose of this chapter is to equip school counselors, school counselor educators, district supervisors, and school counselor trainees with tools that will empower them to serve as change agents and advocates for equity and inclusion with schools. In this chapter, the authors seek to discuss the school counselor's role and provide a social justice framework for dismantling racism and bias in schools.
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Training in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equitable Mindfulness
The way in which White people deflect or become defensive when confronted with uncomfortable conversations surrounding race and racism.
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When “Karen” Is Your Colleague: A Case Analysis on Managing Peer Policing in the Academy
A white person’s unwillingness to take responsibility for the impact of their actions, which leads to displays of hostility, anger, violence and ultimately culminates into the weaponization of their tears in order to be perceived as the victim.
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The Intersectionality of Race and Trauma in Children and Teens Who Are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)
When White people as members of the dominant White cultural group develop hurt feelings, become angry, or dismiss the realities of racism and their complicity with White privilege.
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Afrocentric Thought in Adult Education
the avoidance or refusal by white people to engage in discomforting and complicated discussions about race and racism.
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Interrogating White Saviorism, Fragility, and Innocence in K-12 Teacher Education: An Ontology of Radical Love
Because Whiteness is deeply socialized into the collective psyches—including living in relative racial isolation free of race-based stress—of those constructed as White, anger, defensiveness, guilt, argumentation, silence, or frustration often result in discussions about race.
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