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What is School

Handbook of Research on Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education
It means an institution where formal learning or education is conducted. In the context of this paper, it is used to refer to both basic as well as higher institutions of learning.
Published in Chapter:
Family-Community-Higher Education Partnership: A Critical Pillar in Realizing Social Justice
Benard O. Nyatuka (Kisii University, Kenya)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5268-1.ch008
Despite governments and the higher learning institutions investing greatly in the search for social justice, its realization has more often than not remained elusive. Could this state of affairs be attributable to weak partnerships among the critical players, as an increasing body of evidence tends to suggest? Accordingly, collaboration between the family, community, and institutions of learning plays a big role in any student's life, particularly in academic achievement, behavior, as well as development of social competencies. Engaging families from diverse backgrounds helps in promoting the view that education is a shared responsibility, including helping the orphans and vulnerable and those with special needs to access higher education. Against this background, this chapter discusses the benefits, barriers, and prospects of family, community, and higher education partnerships as a means of enhancing social justice today. Also elucidated are a relevant theory and the roles of partners in enhancing the provision of quality education.
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Achievement Differences Between Students in Single-Sex Schools and Students in Coeducational Schools: A Hierarchical Linear Modeling Approach
A school is a division of the school system consisting of students comprising one or more grade groups or other identifiable groups, organized as one unit with one or more teachers to give instruction of a defined type and housed in one or more buildings. More than one school may be housed in one building or compound, as is the case when elementary and secondary schools are housed in the same building or compound.
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Integration of 21st Century Skills Into Teacher Education Curriculum
It refers to an institution where formal learning is conducted.
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Students Hurting Students: Cyberbullying as a Mobile Phone Behavior
A physical structure in which education or educational activities take place.
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Design Thinking in Educational Leadership
Refers to the unique role that it plays in comparison to other organizations. It has both organization and community attributes. The role of the organization implies that the school has official leaders, such as school principals and department heads, who are in charge of the school's daily operations. The role of the community is concerned with learning, education, and research, and they have informal (even dynamic) leaders, such as teachers and lecturers who specialise in certain areas and share knowledge with other stakeholders, such as students, experts, and various roles useful for researching. The school members may have two identities at the same time: leaders and followers.
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Cyberbullying in Adolescence: Victimization and Adolescence
An institution for educating children and adolescents.
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Perpetuating Social Injustice Through Neglecting the Voices of the Non-Unionized Teachers: An Analysis From the Rawlsian Perspective
A school is any organization that is established with a main purpose of providing instruction to learners and in this case from the foundation phase to until senior phase (Grade R – Grade 12).
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Navigating Families and Schools in Conflict: Relationships and Prevention
Professional : An all-encompassing term meant to include any school related person who is involved in a student’s education and school success. This includes but is not limited to teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, speech pathologists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers. It implies any individual employed by and working on behalf of the school.
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Technology-Enabled Learning Environments
It refers to an institution where instruction is given.
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Technology Leadership in Turkish Schools: A Systematic Review
It is the institution in which individuals gain universal and national values during childhood and develop individual knowledge and abilities.
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