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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Handbook of Research on Digital Marketing Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics
The use of tools and strategies to optimize the visibility and accessibility of sites and web pages with the use of search engines.
Published in Chapter:
Corporate Social Responsibility and Digital Marketing
Usha Chauhan (BML Munjal University, India), Ruchi Garg (BML Munjal University, India), and Ritu Chhikara (BML Munjal University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8939-6.ch016
The purpose of this chapter is to make a combination of two concepts CSR and digital marketing and to find out the various challenges faced by practitioners for effective CSR communication. A total of 15 in-depth interviews were conducted in a leading automobile company. The interview transcripts were analyzed through thematic analysis. This chapter proposes different themes derived from the perceptions of the respondents and corporate reputation, public awareness, CSR efforts, profitability, CSR commitment, public image were found as the challenges faced by the practitioners. This chapter will provide insights to the practitioners on how to make effective CSR communication for further corporate reputation enhancement. It could also provide a platform for further debate between automobile controllers and significant stakeholders on how to tactically converse their CSR in the automobile concerns and enhance stakeholder commitment.
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Electronic Trading, Electronic Advertising, and Social Media Literacy: Using Local Turkish Influencers in Social Media for International Trade Products Marketing
With SEO they both help the related website to be reached in search engines. SEO is helping the website traffic. If there is “AD” box in the search, it is a paid advertisement.
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Security in Digital Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities
A term that triggers the display of an ad when fetched from a search engine or presented on a content network site where the ad is intended to be served.
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