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What is Seismic Vulnerability

Handbook of Research on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures
Seismic vulnerability means that inability of historical and monumental buildings to withstand the effects of seismic forces. The concept of vulnerability pertains to a system of basic concepts involved in risk analysis.
Published in Chapter:
Seismic Vulnerability of Historic and Monumental Structures and Centers
Deniz Guney (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8286-3.ch006
Earthquakes are the most destructive natural phenomena on the earth. Unfortunately, the most historical part of the World is under seismic risk. Seismic activities result in significant damages, even collapse on the historical and monumental structures and centers. In order to evaluate and decide the vulnerability level of any building, first visual and fast nondestructive methods and preliminary evaluation are to be carried out at the beginning for preventing damages. According to this concept, an engineer or an architect can decide whether the building is safe or needs further detailed evaluation to assess its adequacy. Based on these investigations, the best rehabilitation and retrofit method can be chosen. The aim of this chapter is to produce useful framework and easy applicable assumptions to not only the practicing engineer or architect but also to an ordinary person who can broadly understand and note the absence or presence of seismic-resistant features in the building and also the possibilities of further steps like seismic retrofit or rehabilitation.
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Photogrammetric Survey and 3DGIS Management of Mesh in the Integrated Investigation of Complex Sites: The Case Study of the Church of Santa Maria in Cesoni
Predisposition of a building to be damaged and collapsed which is calculated on the basis of various factors such as type, quality of materials, construction methods, maintenance, and the relationship with the anti-seismic devices present in the building itself.
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Historical Earthquake Damages to Domed Structures in Istanbul
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Seismic Vulnerability of Historic Centers: A Methodology to Study the Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Building Typologies in Seismic Area
The proneness of some categories of elements at risk to undergo adverse effects inflicted by potential earthquakes. This kind of definition, which is definitely vague, requires of course considerable refinements in order to become an operational tool for various purposes, like estimate of seismic risk, development of earthquake scenarios, or development of strategies of risk mitigation.
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Seismic Vulnerability of Ancient Colonnade: Two Story Colonnade of the Forum in Pompeii
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Seismic Vulnerability of Arches, Vaults and Domes in Historical Buildings
Seismic vulnerability of a building or a group of buildings is defined as their proneness to manifest damage in occurrence of a seismic event.
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