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What is Self-Direction

Perspectives on Enhancing Learning Experience Through Digital Strategy in Higher Education
Represents a psychological state or personal quality or ability in which an individual is able to conduct their own learning and assumes responsibility for all actions taken. It can occur when learners have the intrinsic motivation or they are able to internalise given learning goals.
Published in Chapter:
Blended Learning and Self-Direction: The Use of E-Forum
Dina Adinda (CREF-UR 1589, Université Paris Nanterre, France) and Maria Denami (LISEC UR2310, University of Upper Alsace, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8282-7.ch006
The chapter clarifies the concept of blended learning, starting from its origins, and links the use of education technologies to the improvement of learners' self-direction. Known as a useful personal skill fit to the characteristics of adult learners and their needs, self-direction is essential to promote lifelong learning. A specific study on the use of e-forum is presented in this chapter to address the place of digital technology in blended learning, notably to target learners' self-direction development. The final section of the chapter offers a conclusion resuming the recommendations related to the design and implementation of blended learning to enhance learners' self-direction.
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A Model of Self-Directed Learning in Blended Learning Environments
It is the ability of the learner to manage education by him/herself (self-management) and their potential to make use of freedom in general (personal autonomy). It starts with inner and outer forces of an individual—cognitive and affective components—which lead to behavioral activities that support self-direction.
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Group Leadership in Online Collaborative Learning
The ability to carry out a learning activity without being directed or managed by another person, and specifically, a teacher. The term can also refer to the ability to set one’s own learning goals.
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Hellison's Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility: A Model for Teaching for Student Success
The willingness to take responsibility for learning; students learn to identify their needs and interests, set goals, establish related tasks for achieving them, and evaluate their progress.
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