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What is Semi-Structured Interviews

Handbook of Research on Quality Assurance and Value Management in Higher Education
A qualitative data collection method.
Published in Chapter:
The Case of ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification in a Faculty of a Turkish Public University: Triggers, Processes, and Consequences
Mehmet Eymen Eryılmaz (Uludağ University, Turkey), Duygu Acar Erdur (Uludağ University, Turkey), Olcay Bektaş (Uludağ University, Turkey), Esen Kara (Uludağ University, Turkey), and Ebru Aydoğan (Uludağ University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0024-7.ch010
It is clear that ISO 9000 Quality Management System and Total Quality Management have an extensive literature. However, it is observed that the literature principally focuses on implementation consequences of them. In this study, ISO 9000 Quality Management System certification process in a faculty of a Turkish public university is taken into consideration. However, the study focuses on not only consequences of taking this certification but also its' triggers and processes. To examine these triggers, processes and consequences, data collection methods of the study were semi-structured interviews and unstructured participative observation. In addition, extensive amount of document was used to make triangulation.
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Towards a Theory of Learned Technological Helplessness
An interview technique that allows for a natural conversational tone while asking the same questions of each participant.
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A Study on the Effectiveness of College English Blended Learning Under MOOCs Philosophy in China
A method of research often used in the social sciences, in which the interviewer has a general framework to be explored and is open to allow new ideas to be brought up during the interview.
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Comparative Studies on Inclusive Digital Teaching in Higher Education in Light of COVID-19
Used when the researchers had obtained the initial knowledge on the research field (Kroplijs, & Rašcevka, 2004 AU15: The in-text citation "Kroplijs, & Raščevka, 2004" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. ).
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