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What is Sensory Marketing

Handbook of Research on the Impact of Culture and Society on the Entertainment Industry
Marketing strategy that aims to trigger as many senses of the consumers as possible. It is effective and memorable.
Published in Chapter:
Experience Marketing at Retail Environments
Gozde Oymen Kale (İstanbul Commerce University, Turkey) and Ebru Ulusoy (University of Maine, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6190-5.ch018
The economy in which consumers live today is considered the experience economy. One of the industries that is growing in this economy is the entertainment industry. Additionally, this industry is not only limited to conventional entertainment contexts today. For instance, many retail contexts have started to operate according to the rules of this industry. Today, the entertainment value that consumers construct within and derive from the market is highly dependent on the experiences they find in retail contexts. Entertaining experiences play the focal role in most retail contexts due to the high level of positive managerial outcomes, such as economic value. Therefore, there is a growing need to understand the phenomenon of commercial experiences that provide entertainment and their role in various retail environments in different cultures. This conceptual chapter aims to understand how successful retailers utilize experience marketing to attract more consumers.
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Future Research Directions in Sensory Marketing
The process of attracting consumers and win their attention, trust, and loyalty by appealing to their senses.
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A Neuroaesthetic Approach to the Search of Beauty From the Consumer's Perspective
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Sensory Marketing: The Purpose of Sensory Stimuli in Consumer Behaviour in the Context of the Retail Environment
A marketing research pillar that aims to understand consumer feelings and purchasing behaviour.
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