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What is Service discovery

Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia, Second Edition
Process of finding relevant services according to given criteria.
Published in Chapter:
Concepts and Architectures for Mobile Context-Aware Applications
Patrícia Dockhorn Costa (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil), Luís Ferreira Pires (University of Twente, The Netherlands), and Marten van Sinderen (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-046-2.ch055
Context-awareness has been investigated for almost a decade and is considered as a convenient and desirable feature in distributed mobile systems since it allows these systems to benefit from the changes in their users’ context to dynamically tailor services to their users’ current situation and needs. This chapter addresses the research results and challenges of designing a flexible infrastructure to support the development of mobile context-aware applications. We discuss relevant context-awareness concepts, define architectural patterns on context-awareness, present the design of a target infrastructure, and discuss some related research and research trends. The context-aware infrastructure described in this chapter follows the principles of service-oriented architectures in which the dynamic customization of context-aware mobile services is specified by means of application behavior rules that are interpreted and applied by the infrastructure at runtime.
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Discovering Services in Mobile Environments: Discussion and Evaluation of Trends
Locating services hosted by mobile devices that are available for immediate use.
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Secure Service Discovery
Service discovery occurs when device resources and functions are packaged as services, in a networked environment, and a device finds another device capable of offering a specific service or resource.
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Service-Oriented Architectures for Pervasive Computing
Service discovery protocols are network protocols which allow automatic detection of devices and services offered by these devices on a computer network”, as defined in Wikipedia (
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Cloud Services Publication and Discovery
The process of finding a service that matches the user functional and non-functional requirements.
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An Agent-Based B2C Electronic Market in the Next-Generation Internet
The process of searching for possible matches between requested and available services.
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Context-Aware Service Discovery in Ubiquitous Computing
Is the keystone and carries out three main functions. It formulates a request, which is a description of the needs of a service consumer. This request is formatted in a similar manner to the service description. It also provides a matching function that pairs requests to services with similar descriptions, so that the service which can best fulfill service consumer’s needs on peer devices is selected. Finally, it provides a mechanism for the service consumer to communicate with the service provider (Sen, 2005).
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Peer-to-Peer Service Discovery for Grid Computing
Find a computation ability corresponding to some needs expressed through a query
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Service Discovery Techniques in Mobile E-Commerce
- The process of obtaining a set of services which can possibly fulfill a user request is called service discovery.
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Networked Appliances and Home Networking: Internetworking the Home
Network protocols used to automatically discover services provided by devices within the network. Standards are used to define how services are described and how queries are formulated in order to find those services.
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Challenges on Semantic Web Services
The capability of automatically identifying a software service in Internet which matches the service request criteria.
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Mobile Agents and Personalized Multimedia Services
The activity to locate servers in the network based on the given service type and service attributes in a reasonable time. The service discovery is, therefore, a mapping from service type and attributes to the set of servers.
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