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What is Signal Strength

Handbook of Research on Developments and Trends in Wireless Sensor Networks: From Principle to Practice
The value of received signal strength indicator
Published in Chapter:
Jamming Attacks and Countermeasures in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sun Yan-qiang (National University of Defense Technology, China) and Wang Xiao-dong (National University of Defense Technology, China)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-701-5.ch015
Guaranteeing security of the sensor network is a challenging job due to the open wireless medium and energy constrained hardware. Jamming style Denial-of-Service attacks is the transmission of radio signals that disrupt communications by decreasing the signal to noise ratio. These attacks can easily be launched by jammer through, either bypassing MAC-layer protocols or emitting a radio signal targeted at blocking a particular channel. In this chapter, we survey different jamming attack models and metrics, and figure out the difficulty of detecting and defending such attacks. We also illustrate the existed detecting strategies involving signal strength and packet delivery ratio and defending mechanisms such as channel surfing, mapping jammed region, and timing channel. After that, we explore methods to localize a jammer, and propose an algorithm Geometric-Covering based Localization. Later, we discuss the future research issues in jamming sensor networks and corresponding countermeasures.
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Mobility within Rich Multimedia Services
The power of the signal measured.
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Improved Cross-Layer Detection and Prevention of Sinkhole Attack in WSN
The nodes based on their capacity transmit the packets with certain signal strength.
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Mobility Prediction for Multimedia Services
It is the power of the signal measured.
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Stock Counting System Using PDA: Case Study
It is the magnitude of the signal measured from a reference point such as from a wireless access point.
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