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What is Simulation Game

Digital Active Methodologies for Educative Learning Management
Is a genre of games that are designed to mimic activities you'd see in the real world. The purpose of the game may be to teach you something.
Published in Chapter:
The Global Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Learning Process
Nika Chitadze (International Black Sea University, Georgia)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 40
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4706-2.ch004
In 1955, the American scientist John McCarthy first used the term “artificial intelligence.” He defined the latter as a program or computer that can think like a human and make logical decisions. It was from here that the foundation was laid for a new field that has great potential for development and can significantly assist humanity in development. Today's world is unimaginable without artificial intelligence. It is used by almost all leading companies, be it Google or Samsung. Artificial intelligence helps us when searching the internet or taking pictures with a smartphone. Without artificial intelligence, no modern electronic device can work. With the development of the world, the possibilities of artificial intelligence are also improving. He is now much smarter than he was a few years ago. However, to what extent can we develop artificial intelligence? Are there any limits?
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From E-Learning to Games-Based E-Learning
A game in which participants are provided with a simulated environment in which to play.
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A Review of Research on the Application of Digital Games in Foreign Language Education
A type of digital game that presents the player with a simulation focused on a real-life scenario.
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Designing a Minecraft Simulation Game for Learning a Language Through Knowledge Co-Construction
Computer games in which players are provided with a simulated environment. Such games contain a mixture of skills, chances, and strategies to simulate an aspect of reality.
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A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Computer Games as Learning Tools
A game that contains a mixture of skill, chance, and strategy to simulate an aspect of reality, or a simulation that has a game structure imposed on the system.
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