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What is Simulations

Handbook of Research on Transnational Higher Education
Replication of activities in real world environment.
Published in Chapter:
Flying a Math Class?: Using Web-Based Simulations in Primary Teacher Training and Education
Katerina Mavrou (European University Cyprus, Cyprus) and Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris (European University Cyprus, Cyprus)
Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4458-8.ch020
This chapter presents a pilot exploratory case study that seeks to bridge the classic gap between teacher preparation and practice by exploiting the affordances offered by digital simulations for contextualizing novice teachers’ learning and pedagogy. Using the simulated classroom SimSchool as a virtual field experience, a teaching intervention focused on mathematics education and the use of technology was conducted in order to determine best practices. Both undergraduate and graduate education students participated in the study. The study explored participants’ views on the experiences with the simulated environment. Interviews and self-reflection reports were used for data collection. Findings suggest that participants appreciated simulations as virtual environments that provide the opportunity to practice and experiment on particular teaching approaches in a safe environment. Nevertheless, they also express a number of concerns related to how they compare simulations with real classroom experiences and their interaction with virtual students, as well as some technical considerations. Simulations have a great potential to create reality-based learning contexts that foster opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers to improve their pedagogy. Thus, further research is required to unfold all aspects of such approaches.
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More Results
Interdisciplinary Communication: Paving the Way for Gamification in Entrepreneurship Education – A Case Study From a Medium-Sized UK University
A model or representative example of something that reflects the real-life dynamics in a simplified, yet realistic manner.
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Improving Emergency Management Training Within Organizations: TiER-Tool – A Serious Game
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Instructional Design for Simulations in Special Education Virtual Learning Spaces
Computer-based experience which replicates key features of real activity.
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Multimedia Learning: Simulated vs. Real-World Digital Logic Circuit Curriculum
Simulations can provide student learners with “learning by doing” opportunities that are more approachable and feasible than in the classroom environment.
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Gaming in Adult Education
Representation of the operation or features of one process or system through the use of another.
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Use of Technology in Problem-Based Learning in Health Science
A program or external setting that mimics an event or process, where participants can re-enact the process outside of a real-time event.
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A Future Focus of Gaming: Soft Skills
Environments that facilitate immersive learning to represent real-world situations that allow for repeated experiences and branching opportunities.
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Productive Gaming and the Case for Historiographic Game-Play
Offer useful simplifications of complex situations and are often “imperfect replica” of the real. Video games are increasingly becoming powerful tools for creating simulations. Civ3 is one such example that helps create and play through historical simulations.
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Scaffolding Hypothesis Formation and Testing During Simulation Coding
Dynamic models that embody rules and characteristics of a phenomenon in the real world and allow one to indirectly manipulate them to visualize outcomes of certain actions.
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Use of a Simulator to Develop Clinical Skills for Pharmacists
Computational models for the study and prediction of behavior. They are available in a wide range of applications and are used primarily in education.
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Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play Games for Learning
Non-linear synthetic training environments that allow learners to rehearse different scenarios, tasks, problems, or activities in advance of real-life interactions or to update skills.
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Serious Games in Entrepreneurship Education
A simulation game assumes typically a form of video or computer game that is concerned with playing out realistic situations in game settings.
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