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What is E-Consultation

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation Within Smart Cities
The use of ICT tools and the Internet to ask people, or more specifically residents, to give their views and opinions on a set of issues related to projects, policies or decisions to be implemented.
Published in Chapter:
Smart City Governance: From E-Government to Smart Governance
Maria do Rosário Matos Bernardo (Universidade Aberta, Portugal & CAPP-ISCSP Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1978-2.ch014
Smart governance is one of the characteristics of smart cities, having its roots in e-government, in the principles of good governance, and in the assumptions of citizens' participation and involvement in public decision-making. This chapter aims to answer the question: “What smart governance practices are being implemented in smart cities” through an extensive literature review in the areas of e-government, good governance, smart cities and smart governance, and content analysis of the websites of seven smart cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Manchester, Singapore, and Stockholm. The objective was to identify the presence of factors related with e-participation; e-services; and public administration functioning on the cities' websites. The chapter ends with directions for future research and the conclusion that all the smart cities analyzed presented some factors related with smart governance, but with different levels of development and application.
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More Results
E-Census 2006 in New Zealand
An interactive facility provided by local authority Web sites to allow citizens register and communicate by e-mail with their councilors.
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Re-Engaging the Public through E-Consultation in the Government 2.0 Landscape
Refers to the process whereby citizens are given the opportunity to provide feedback to government online on matters of public importance and participate in the shaping of issues relevant to them via the new digital media.
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Indicators and Measures of E-Government
The use of the Internet to disseminate the developments in a policy field to the wider public, experts and interest groups, and to invite them to respond.
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