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What is Smart Destination

Handbook of Research on Smart Technology Applications in the Tourism Industry
There is not a clear distinction between a smart city and a smart destination. It can be defined as a destination that adopts an interactive/participative management style and aims to enhance the residents’ and tourists’ quality of life by using ICTs and other technologies for data collection, storage, exchange, and processing. Smart destinations focus on the effective and efficient use of resources, a cleaner environment, and ultimately sustainability.
Published in Chapter:
A New Concept in Tourism: Smart Tourism Destinations
Gamze Coban (Faculty of Tourism, Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey) and Şule Aydın (Faculty of Tourism, Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1989-9.ch019
This chapter provides an insight into the topic of smart destinations. By adopting smart technologies, tourism destinations, as well as cities, gain more opportunities to offer better quality of life for residents and visitors. Smart cities aim to improve resource management, sustainability, and living conditions in urban environments by utilizing ICTs. The concept of smart tourism destination, deriving from smart city, refers to the use of technology in tourism destinations to increase the service quality and tourist satisfaction by focusing on tourists' expectations. In other words, smart tourism destinations aim to integrate technology into the destination for these purposes. This chapter presents the concepts of smart city, smart tourism, and smart destination. The emergence of smart city and smart destination concepts and the issues and challenges they might face are discussed. In addition to some future research directions, a brief discussion on potential controversies is presented.
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Tourist Experience in Smart City Destination of Jaipur (Rajasthan)
A tourist destination where tourist facilities & services such as accommodation, transportation, attraction booking and operated through technology.
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Smart Applications in Tourism
Cloud communication, internet-connected things and end-user internet destinations.
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Gamification as a Tool for Smart Tourism
It's much more than a destination that applies new technologies. Faced with technological challenges and the resulting social changes, a smart destination is a destination that manages and plans with “smartness”.
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Integrating Big Data to Smart Destination Heritage Management
Smart city that adopts the aim of enhancing the tourist experience via using advanced ICTs and technological tools.
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Challenges and Opportunities in the Tourism Sector in the Post-COVID-19 Period
Is a geographical space (which can range from a neighborhood to a network of cities) where tourism development is planned and executed based on technological infrastructure, allowing local sustainable development while providing quality of the experiences for visitors and the quality of life for locals.
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Plan, Do, Watch: Making Tourism Sustainable Through Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
a smart tourism destination is defined as an innovative tourism center built on a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is accessible to all, facilitates the interaction of visitors and ensures the sustainable development of tourist areas.
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The Perception of the Effect of Tourism on the Local Community before the Ibiza Smart Island Project
Application of the concept of Smart City for tourist destinations, using the management of tourists as a central point.
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Smart Tourism, Smart Cities, and Smart Destinations as Knowledge Management Tools
Smart destination is the integrated concept in which the principles are applied to the new city profile and not only in the citizens but also in the exchange process.
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Accessible Tourism Experiences in Smart Destinations: The Case of Breda (Netherlands)
It is the type of destination where tourist experiences and services are supported and developed with smart technologies such as mobile applications, IoT, artificial intelligence and big data.
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Should Festival Be Smarter?: ICT on Mass Events – The Case of the Exit Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia)
A new step in the evolution of ICT that enables destinations to build their competitiveness based on the interoperability of systems and co-creation of tourism products.
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Reconstructing Silk Road Tourism Through Digitalisation
It refers to destinations that have state-of-the-art technology, ensure the sustainability of tourism destinations, facilitate the communication of tourists with the environment and enhance the quality of life of local people.
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Tourist Experience and Digital Transformation
A smart destination is one with a strategy for technology, innovation, sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity along the entire tourism cycle: before, during and after the trip. A smart destination is also one with residents as well as tourists in mind, factoring multilingualism, cultural idiosyncrasies, and seasonality into tourism planning.
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The Technological Power of Mysticism: A New Approach to Management of Religious Destinations
Describes the destinations that embrace the use of emerging technologies for data collection, data analysis and implementation of environmental, economic, and social measures for a sustainable future.
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