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What is Social groups

Critical Issues Impacting Science, Technology, Society (STS), and Our Future
A set of people for whom a technological artifact represents a shared value or problem.
Published in Chapter:
Who Wants an Automated Vehicle?
David A. Thurlow (York University, Canada) and Ben D. Sawyer (Massachusettes Institute of Technology, USA & University of Central Florida, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7949-6.ch008
New advancements in vehicle automation, electrification, data connectivity, and digital methods of sharing—known collectively as New Mobility—are poised to revolutionize transportation as it is known today. Exactly what results this disruption will lead to, however, remains unknown, as indeed the technologies and their uses are still taking shape amidst myriad interests. The impacts of this shift to New Mobility could be enormous, shaping economies, cities, and the lives of people in them. It is therefore vitally important for public interests to play a strong role in the development and deployment of these technologies. With the current trajectory of these technologies warning of the potential for increased energy use, environmental costs, and social inequity, interests at the community level need to be included and influential as soon as possible.
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Broadband Diffusion to SMEs in the UK
Relevant social groups related to the development of a technology that have shared meanings about the technology.
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