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What is Social Justice Education

Handbook of Research on Teaching Diverse Youth Literature to Pre-Service Professionals
An educational framework that critically examines power, privilege, and oppression to empower teachers and students to understand and act on historical, social, political, and racial inequities.
Published in Chapter:
Educating Otherwise: A Pre-Service Learning Community Centered on Multicultural Literature
Anastasia Lin (University of North Georiga, USA), Sheri Carmel Hardee (University of North Georgia, USA), and Jill Bowen (North Hall High School, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7375-4.ch029
This chapter describes a transdisciplinary approach to preparing future educators for teaching multicultural literatures within diverse classrooms. The project combined an English course with an education course to deepen student awareness and understanding of multiculturalism while also encouraging student engagement and support of diverse communities and schools in our area. Over the course of the project, in-class student learning was enhanced through team teaching, intercultural assignments, a field trip, and a capstone project where students applied what they learned through creating lesson plans for use in their future classrooms. The learning community focused on dialogic application; the instruction and activities of the course were developed to suggest models students may later adapt in their own classrooms. The chapter demonstrates the efficacy of the approach and concludes with remarks on the utility of the learning community by a former student who currently teaches high school English.
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Social Justice Education With and for Pre-Service Teachers in the Borderlands
(As informed by Adams, et al. [2013] and Adams, Bell, and Griffin’s [2007] theoretical framework) Any educational experience that creates a space where all participants have an equal opportunity to reflect, discover, and engage in actions that lead towards equity and democracy.
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From A to Zinn: Helping Elementary Pre-Service Teachers Rethink History Through a Social Justice Lens
Social justice education is a teaching and learning process that calls students attention to and social action against systems of power and privilege.
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Strategies for Successful Multilingual Online Learning: Multimodal Project Design, Peer Feedback, and Formative Assessment
Educational practices that focus on a fair distribution of resources and opportunities to empower students and work towards collective action against social, political, cultural, gendered, and racial injustices.
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Integrating Service Learning With Systemic Change
Education enabling students to understand, critique, and mitigate internalized and external oppression.
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Taking an (Inter)cultural View of Students with Disabilities to Promote Inclusive Practices Within the TESOL Field
A mode of education that prepares people to recognize and confront systemic inequalities.
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Critical Service-Learning: Vehicle to Social Justice Education
A pedagogical method rooted in unveiling and transforming oppressive policies, practices, and structures.
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Exploring Technology Through Issues of Social Justice
A process and a goal to educate students on the inequities and inequalities which exist in society and to encourage social action to work towards insuring that all people’s needs are met in an equitable manner.
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