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What is Think

Handbook of Research on Effective Advertising Strategies in the Social Media Age
Have a particular belief or idea.
Published in Chapter:
Social Media as an Advertisement Tool: Strategical Need of Being More Experiential
Füsun Topsümer (Ege University, Turkey) and Dincer Yarkin (Gediz University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8125-5.ch003
Daily routine and time pressure have become the reason for ignoring social media advertisements; because of thousands of messages on Internet, and social media, consumers need more reliable and differentiated messages. Today's customer is looking for utilitarian and hedonic attributes in the content of advertisement. Otherwise they would interpret advertisements as “time loss.” In this chapter, some suggestions are offered to companies as well as to the advertising agencies who should look for a new way of attracting customers to advertisement. Experiential components are becoming more and more vital, in advertisement as well as in marketing. Feel, sense, think, act, and relate as subjects of experiential marketing can be transferred into social media advertisements and touch consumer's heart for acquiring effective and efficient outcomes.
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Rethinking the Origin of the Behavioural Policy Cube With Nudge Plus
A think is a schooling strategy that involves large-scale deliberations to enable citizens to own the process of behavioural reforms. These often include citizen forums and large-scale behavioural therapies.
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