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What is Social Media Engagement

ICT as Innovator Between Tourism and Culture
Level of involvement with the page and its content. This is a particularly important variable to be considered by social media managers, as it is related to loyalty, satisfaction, interest, and behavior, among other behavioural factors.
Published in Chapter:
Tourist Social Media Engagement: Conceptualization and Indicators
Rayane Ruas (University of Aveiro, Portugal) and Belem Barbosa (University of Porto, Portugal)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8165-0.ch012
Social media are transforming relationships with customers for all sectors, including tourism. Since the search for information is a critical aspect of tourist purchase decision process, the importance of social media for tourism is evident. However, the presence of tourism brands in social media is not enough to have an impact on tourist purchase decisions: it is necessary to generate engagement. This chapter aims to conceptualize tourist engagement on social media and identify tourist engagement indicators. Tourist engagement was conceptualized through a literature review that identified four dimensions of engagement: popularity, commitment, virality, and post engagement. A set of indicators is proposed to measure tourist engagement in each of these dimensions. The proposed TSM engagement framework was validated through a mixed-method approach, using secondary data and interviews carried out with Brazilian tourist destinations.
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Examination of Empirical Studies on Customer Engagement, Online Engagement, and Social Media Engagement
It stands for customer engagement done through social media networks. The customer buys products from their social media accounts, communicates with the brand, shares their thoughts about the brand or product on their social media account.
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From TikTok Trends to Pandemic Essentials: A Comparative Analysis of the World Health Organization's Health Communication Strategies on TikTok
Social media engagement encompasses a wide range of interactions, including but not limited to liking, commenting on, saving, and sharing content.
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Customer Engagement: From Social Shoppers to Social Learners and Collaborators
A quality of user experience with web-based technologies that enable users to interact with, create, and share content with individuals and organizations in their social networks.
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Customer Satisfaction on Social Media Marketing in Malaysian Hospitality Industry
An online platform where users can chat, share videos and pictures, companies use for marketing purposes and others. These activities are superficial as measures of engagement in social media.
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The Role of Customer Engagement in the COVID-19 Era
Consumer engagement behaviour with content on social media platforms. Consumers can create brand content or view, comment and share brand or peers’ content.
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