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What is Facilitators

Handbook of Research on Business Social Networking: Organizational, Managerial, and Technological Dimensions
Instructors or group leaders who “guide” a discussion, but don’t dominate it. Ask leading questions, try to make sure people get to speak and try to keep meeting on-track.
Published in Chapter:
Social Media as Positive Disruption in Education, E-Learning and B-Learning
Kathleen P. King (University of South Florida, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-168-9.ch023
Today, the preparation that learners receive in higher education often fails to meet the needs and demands of the world of work, research, and success. This chapter proposes that the changes social media is causing in the business world can be further leveraged in higher education to cultivate 21st century learners, primed for innovative thinking. A model is provided which scaffolds critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation through low cost/no-cost social media tools in educational and professional settings. At this time, social media’s capabilities and near ubiquitous access provide an essential infrastructure which has not been seen before. The chapter also presents specific strategies, valuable recommendations, and further direction for social media’s use.
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Use of Socially Assistive Robots in Mental Health: Barriers and Facilitators
Facilitators are factors that contribute to encouraging the initiation or continuation of the practice of a certain activity.
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Agricultural Schemes in Namibia for Meeting Essential Needs
Formal assistance methods, factors, or programs available in an organization to help a company to achieve goals or objectives. Facilitators enable individuals, groups, and organizations to work more effectively to collaborate and achieve synergy.
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Critical Barriers to Overcome When Corporates Engage With Startups: The Open Innovation Perspective
“Best practices” to be considered as ways to facilitate asymmetric partnerships between corporates and startups. Among these, the most important emerging from the SLR are a continuous and effective communication among the parties, the strong commitment by the top-management in building and maintaining proactively managed relationships, the creation and the development of innovation networks and ecosystems to foster partnership’s engagement.
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An Outlook on the Facilitators' Perspectives of a Cocreation Project at a Higher Education Institution
On the Cocreation Project facilitators are teachers who are trained to be enabled to stimulate and conduct a concrete project of collaborative creation of innovation. Facilitators promote the development of cocreation processes by multidisciplinary teams of students, organizations, and experts, encouraging the construction of new knowledge based on the search for new solutions in innovative environments.
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Reflections on Functioning and Disability in Aging and Public Health
These are contextual factors that, through their absence or presence, improve the functioning and reduce the disability of a person. facilitators can prevent an impairment or limitation of activity becomes a restriction of participation, since the actual performance of a stock is improved despite of the person’s problem related to the capacity.
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