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What is Social Practice

Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technologies and Adult Education Integration
A way of stressing the social embeddedness of all human activity. In this chapter, social practice is defined as a relation between the continuous flow of human activity and its order across time and space.
Published in Chapter:
Boundaryless Work and the Role of Mobile ICT
Ragnhild Mogren (Stockholm University, Sweden) and Camilla Thunborg (Stockholm University, Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-906-0.ch056
The change of structures of work towards fewer boundaries in time, space and tasks are sometimes referred to as boundaryless work. ICT is pointed out as one cause of this tendency. The aim of this chapter is to discuss the role of mobile ICT in the forming of the borderland between work and non-work and the identities formed in relation to this borderland: how is mobile ICT used in work and non-work, how is this use related to the forming of a borderland between work and non-work, what are the characteristics of the identities formed in this borderland? Narratives of experience of mobile ICT practices are analysed by means of social theories. The results show that mobile ICT is used as a boundary object between work and non-work. In distinguishing between functions and artefacts, between time and space, different identities are formed: extended work identity, border identity and boundaryless identity.
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Social Media for Promoting Grassroots Political Movements and Social Change
Social practice is a theory within psychology that seeks to determine the link between practice and context within social situations. Source: .
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