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What is Socialisation

Global Perspectives on Value Education in Primary School
Yhe process of training people or animals to behave in a way that others in the group think is suitable.
Published in Chapter:
Tawakkul as an Islamic Morality Concept: Based on Islamic-Turkish Texts
Sümeyra Alan (Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey) and Hasan Isi (Trabzon University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9295-6.ch014
The concept of value, which is included in sciences such as philosophy, sociology, and psychology, is a term that questions what and what is important for individuals or groups and includes concepts such as independence, trust, wisdom, success, kindness, etc. Tawakkul means that an individual leaves the course and outcome of a job to Allah after showing his determination and determination. In this respect, the present study consists of evaluations on Turkish words such as köŋül ba-, köŋül ur-, etc., which are expanded from the concept of köŋül 'gönül' used for the first time in Turkish Qur'an translations and other Islamic texts for the concept of 'tawakkül'. In the study, firstly, the concept of 'tawakkul' as an Islamic value is mentioned and then linguistic analyses are made on the expressions derived from the word köŋül 'gönül', which is one of the important concepts in term derivation in both pre-Islamic and Islamic period Turkish religious vocabulary.
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More Results
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Disruptive Democratisers?: The Complexities and Incongruities of Scale, Diversity and Personalisation in MOOCs
The patterns of behaviour and interaction among learners in a learning environment
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Supporting Student Blogging in Higher Education
Socialisation is one of the outcomes of blogging where the Web is being used as a medium to interact with people and ‘socially’ network with them. Socialisation is about people being able to interact with one another and establish connections on one or more levels by sharing ideas, views and information.
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An Empirical View of Knowledge Management
The process of knowledge creation through social activities.
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Effects of Digital Technologies on Zimbabwean Adolescent Lives During the COVID-19 Era: Pros and Cons
Is the connection or mixing among family members, community, friends, and other entities for development or belonging.
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Should Innovation Knowledge be Assessed?
Socialisation is one of the four modes of knowledge creation as suggested by Nonaka et al (1996) . Involves conversion from individual tacit knowledge to group tacit knowledge.
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