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What is Socio-Technical Design

Handbook of Research on Global Issues in Next-Generation Teacher Education
A conceptualization of the interface between technology and human activities indicating the affordances offered by the technology and the type of activities that they support.
Published in Chapter:
Cultivating 21st Century Skills in Teachers through Project-Based Learning
Erkkie Haipinge (University of Namibia, Namibia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9948-9.ch008
This chapter describes the implementation of a Project Based Learning (PBL) course in a Bachelor of Education at the University of Namibia, whose aim was to develop student teachers' 21st century skills. The course further offered students a model for applying learner-centered education, which is the recommended pedagogical approach in Namibia. Challenges observed in the course, have been limited opportunities for students to share project products and learning experiences. Also, since students use PBL for learning and not as a pedagogical model, challenges are anticipated in using the approach in their own teaching. Using Communities of Practice, 21st Century Skills framework and Project Based Learning, this chapter proposes a framework for creating learning communities for teachers. Recommending the use of online tools to support mentoring, idea and resource sharing, the framework is envisioned to facilitate the pedagogical application of PBL and teachers' modeling of 21st century skills in practice.
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A Scale of Affective Satisfaction in Online Learning Communities
The socio-technical design is the intersection between needed social supports and the computer mediated structure for supporting and extending effective interactions.
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E-Business Perspectives through Social Networks
Design to produce information systems that blend technical efficiency with sensitivity to organizational and human needs.
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Good and Evil in the Garden of Emerging Information Technologies
Sociotechnical design is the representation and modeling of the interrelatedness of the social aspects of people, organizations, and society along with the technical aspects of machines, computers, and other technologies. It is argued that taking into consideration both the social and technical aspects allows for meaningful design that promotes efficiency, productivity, individual well being, and a benefit to society as a whole.
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