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What is Socioeconomic Status

Managing Screen Time in an Online Society
Social standing or class of an individual or group. In the chapter, it’s used to describe the combination relating to education of family activities and life satisfaction.
Published in Chapter:
A Critical Review of Social Screen Time Management by Youngsters in Formal Educational Contexts
Enrickson Varsori (University of Minho, Portugal) and Sara Pereira (University of Minho, Portugal)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8163-5.ch008
Several studies value the importance of technologies in everyday social processes, stressing loudly its positive effects for time control and management. However, the use of digital technology is increasingly said to co-produce the ways youngsters experience daily lives, as these are increasingly weaved in media hyperconnections, in several insidious and multiple forms, and in a continuous and enduring manner. This text focuses on the state of the art about the extension and nature of these co-productive processes, highlighting the effects of the technological means of communication on youngster's time representations and experiences, namely considering the social networks and other interactional devices that are now constituting increasingly more the individual identity, despite its intangibleness. The goal is to critically analyze the existing literature on time, technology, and youth, presenting its main contributions from a conceptual, methodological and practical point of view, including the use and the ways in media hyperconnections.
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The Importance of Investing in Early Childhood Development and the Role of Families
The social standing or class of an individual or a group measured through education, income and occupation.
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From “Oh My Gosh I'm Going to Get Mugged” to “See[ing] Them as People Who Are Just Like Me”
A person's position in society based on the level of educational attainment, occupation, and income of that person of that person's household.
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Research Methodology to Examine Disparities in Communication Disorders in Underrepresented and Vulnerable Populations
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The Intersectionality of the Opioid Crisis and Cancer Treatment
A person’s calculated status in society and the economy based on various factors such as income, education, occupation, residence, and sometimes race or ethnicity.
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Sport Fan Consumption: Contemporary Research and Emerging Trends
An individual's or group's position within a hierarchical social structure. Socioeconomic status depends on a combination of variables, including occupation, education, income, wealth, and place of residence. Sociologists often use socioeconomic status as a means of predicting behavior.
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Missing Faces: Making the Case for Equitable Student Representation in Advanced Middle School Courses
Amount of income and societal positioning a family holds. Affluent families have higher socioeconomic status while indigent families have lower socioeconomic status.
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