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What is Speech Generating Device (SGD)

Handbook of Research on Developments in E-Health and Telemedicine: Technological and Social Perspectives
Speech generating devices (SGDs) produce either recorded or synthesized speech based on selected text or images. Speech synthesis systems date back to the late 1950s with the text-to-speech traced back to the late 1960’s. SGDs either allow pre-recorded words or phrases to be created or it can produce a synthesized voice based on a selection of images or text (NIDCD, 2002) .
Published in Chapter:
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Technologies
Gondy Leroy (Claremont Graduate University, USA) and Leo Gianluca De (Claremont Graduate University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-670-4.ch051
Communication is a dynamic process that creates and conveys a mutual understanding between two or more people. Since this process is complex and not easily taught, there exist many communication disorders ranging from a physical limitation, such as ALS, to a cognitive language disorder, such as autism. Augmentative and alternative communication systems (AACs) help people with communication disorders by providing them substituted means for communicating. These systems range from non-technical solutions, such as a paper-based PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), to elaborate technical solutions, such as a plasma picture communication table. Due to the increased attention to AACs, the Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) provides a framework to evaluate effectiveness. Using this framework as a basis, the authors identified barriers and support factors for AAC effectiveness and subsequently best practices for AAC designs. They conclude with a case study of adapting a paper-based picture-based communication system to mobile devices using open-source software development for use by children with severe autism.
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