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What is Stigmatization

Handbook of Research on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Threats and Impacts of Pandemics
Labeling and having negative views towards people from a certain group.
Published in Chapter:
The Psychological and Behavioral Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Ways to Cope With Them
Zulal Törenli Kaya (Faculty of Medicine, Başkent University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8674-7.ch020
The COVID-19 pandemic and the life after the outbreak introduced numerous changes and uncertainties that led to elevated stress levels in the societies and caused the emergence of various psychological responses for people of all ages to deal with this unprecedented transformation. Throughout this period, the children and adolescents were mostly influenced by being away from school and their peers while the adults had to struggle with the economic crisis and the increased workload both at home and at work. The older adults, on the other hand, had to contend with loneliness, feeling useless, and ageism. In this chapter, considering different age groups, how people are affected by the pandemic-related changes and their common psychological and behavioral responses and coping strategies will be presented. Some recommendations and common solutions to adapt to the “new normal” brought by the pandemic will be also emphasized separately for each age group.
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Inclusive Approaches to School Counseling: Arguing for Culturally-Responsive Psycho-Social Support for Learners From Indigenous Communities
It is the discriminating process of ascribing shame and humiliation to an individual on the basis of the diversity they present. In Namibia, many children from indigenous communities experience various forms of stigma in schools because of their appearance, language or lack of resources.
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Discrimination: Forms, Consequences, and Anti-Discrimination Strategies
Associating a person with a stigma, i.e., a negative attribute that discredits her in society. It involves assigning the individual concerned to a certain socially disregarded group, which leads to social disapproval, loss or diminished status, marginalization, humiliation, exclusion. Being also referred as social stigma, it comprises labelling, stereotyping and prejudicing, differentiating, separating, and discrimination, when the power constellation allows this.
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Understanding Teenage Pregnancy in the South African Context
A negative attribute that causes someone to devalue or think less of the whole person. It is a deeply negative mindset and provides no value to society in general.
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