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What is Socioemotional Wealth (SEW)

Accounting and Financial Reporting Challenges for Government, Non-Profits, and the Private Sector
Family businesses’ characteristic intangible assets that make these firms unique, including affective values taken on by family members in their capacity as company owners and/or managers that allow the company to gain non-financial benefits
Published in Chapter:
An Integrative View of Corporate Transparency in Family Businesses
María-Pilar Martín-Zamora (Lusófona University, Portugal), Joao Miguel Borralho (Lusofona University, Portugal), and Remedios Hernández-Linares (Universidad de Extremadura, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7293-4.ch005
Transparency is a key factor in ensuring family firms' commercial success and establishing and nurturing trust among stakeholders, including managers and teams. However, transparency appears to depend on business contexts and, more specifically, on family members' involvement in these companies, which helps explain researchers' growing interest in corporate transparency in family firms. This chapter examines the most relevant literature on this topic to provide an integrative overview of studies of transparency practices in family businesses and identify the main research gaps that comprise paths for future investigations. To this end, a non-systematic compilation and review was conducted of 50 related articles published in journals included in the Academic Journal Guide 2021. Content analysis revealed that the majority are based on empirical research focusing on the quality of information disclosed via earnings management. The most significant findings are discussed in this chapter, including research questions to be answered in further studies of this topic.
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More Results
Structural, Psychological, and Socioemotional Factors That Determine Innovation Decisions in Family Firms
Non-economic goals that have to do with the family’s wishes to provide work to the family and establish a reputation in the community.
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CSR Initiatives of Family Firms: An Analysis of Mexican Business Groups
A term that refers to those non-financial goals of the firm that meet the family's affective needs, such as the ability to exercise family influence, family identity, and the perpetuation of the family dynasty.
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