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What is Subject Matter Experts

Handbook of Research on Adult Learning in Higher Education
the individuals with knowledge of the content.
Published in Chapter:
The Role of Management in Instructional Design
Tasha M. Brown (The University of Alabama, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1306-4.ch010
A great deal of instructional designers' time is spent designing the course content and managing projects. This chapter provides a comprehensive review of literature examining the project management knowledge, skills, and abilities performed by and expected of instructional designers from different sectors. To fully demonstrate the importance of management in the instructional design process, the author examines prior research and highlights the significance of reviewing the competencies and standards developed by professional organizations within the field. This chapter also discusses the importance of management to the instructional design process, how to successfully align and bridge the gap between instructional design models – ADDIE and SAM – and project management, as well as how the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) complements the instructional design process. The author examines project management, cost and budget management, people management, and timelines and deadline management. The author concludes by explaining how the chapter will benefit new instructional designers entering the field while also enhancing current instructional designers' knowledge about management trends and expectations.
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Cultivating Student Engagement in a Personalized Online Learning Environment
Academics with deep expertise in a particular discipline who identifies and creates course content, assignments, and assessments under the guidance of Academic Program Directors.
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Design, Development, and Delivery of Global Learning Experiences: Challenges and Implications to Practice
Are individuals engaged in providing knowledge or expertise on the curriculum studied by target learners. This content also gives information on learners' needs, capacities, and available resources for successful delivery, including technology tools and applications.
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Creating an Environment That Supports Online Faculty Engagement at All Levels
People who are extremely knowledgeable on specific topics and often called upon to assist with the development of course content.
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Virtual Reality for Better Event Planning and Management
People who have intimate knowledge, technical understanding and insight into a specific topic or area of interest. Specific to our chapter context, a subject matter expert might include an event manager, venue manager, stage performer, etc.
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