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What is Survey Instrument

Cases on Establishing Effective Collaborations in Academic Libraries
The questionnaire used to gather information from respondents.
Published in Chapter:
Collaborative Assessment and Survey Administration: A MISO Survey Case Study
Katherine Furlong (Bucknell University, USA), David Consiglio (Bryn Mawr College, USA), Kevin J. T. Creamer (University of Richmond, USA), Craig I. Milberg (Willamette University, USA), Kevin Reynolds (Corning Museum of Glass, USA), Joshua Wilson (Longsight, USA), and Ellen Yu (Union College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-2515-2.ch009
The Managing Information Services Outcomes (MISO) Survey was originally developed in 2005 at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, USA by staff from a consortium of higher education institutions to assess library and technology services using a single instrument. Since then, the survey has grown and changed under the collaborative management of an all-volunteer team of library and IT professionals from various participating institutions throughout the United States. The survey has been implemented at 171 institutions. This chapter reviews the guiding principles, ongoing partnerships, and the value of working across departments, across campuses, and across cohorts of participating institutions to leverage local expertise, reduce costs, and create a culture of collaboration and assessment. In an environment where libraries are increasingly dependent on information technology, assessing library services in the context of IT brings layered intelligence to data-informed decision making.
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Novel Method of Assessing Practical Intelligence Acquired in Mechatronics Laboratory Classes: Novices-Experts Methods
A questionnaire designed to obtain responses from a person in order to obtain data for analysis. Some responses can be quantitative in which case there is a limited number of possible responses, for example ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Other responses can be qualitative in which the person writes a descriptive piece of text, or the interviewer transcribes a verbal descriptive response.
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Survey Forms for Data Collection: Key Considerations
This is a term that refers to data gathering tool or form utilized in survey research. This includes questionnaires and interview guides.
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