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What is Design Studio

Handbook of Research on Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in Sustainable Architecture
One of the most important aspects of design education is the design studio. The goal of the design studio is to not only give information, but also to represent students 'how to' acquire it.
Published in Chapter:
Sustainability as a Primary Interior Architectural Design Parameter: From Campus to Interior
Ceren Çelik (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) and Ervin Garip (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5119-9.ch010
Today, due to the rapid growth of urbanization, sustainability has become an indispensable requirement. Sustainable urban strategies have the potential to integrate the use of sustainability in interior architecture. This chapter examines the potentials of using sustainability as the primary design parameter in interior design. Based on these concepts, an interior design studio was examined. This interior design studio exists as a part of Istanbul Technical University Department of Interior Architecture Program. The university's campus is one of the top 40 green campuses in Europe. Starting from the green campus perspective of Istanbul Technical University, the studio aims to bring a sustainable approach to campus interiors. The studio is a tool to discuss the potentials of accepting sustainability as the primary design parameter in interior design. This approach presents sustainability as a defining factor for the interiors, while also broadening the perspective for when issues of sustainability help create unique characteristics for the interior atmosphere.
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Surviving the Partnership: Sustaining a Culture of Engaged Learning in Design
A three- to five-credit-hour course that meets two to three times per week (three to four hours per session), centered on the execution of individual and group design work that is, upon completion, presented to a panel of professionals for review.
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Evaluation of Social Media Interaction in Design Education and Design Process
It is studio-based design education. In the studios, it is aimed that the students experience the professional practice environment through creative processes. Studios are environments where the design is discussed and developed in all aspects in line with the instructor's criticisms.
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Investigating Current Sustainability Issues Through Play and Future Scenarios: Play to Save
Design studio is one of the core parts in design education. It has to ability to create an experience with learning. Design studio’s aim is not just providing the information but also guide students to “how to” find it.
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Reconceptualizing Visual Literacy in Architectural Education: Decoding and Encoding the Visual Language of Architecture
A course model in design education, which is a shaped as teacher’s criticizing student’s work to improve it.
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