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What is Energy Return on Investment (EROI)

Handbook of Research on Changing Dynamics in Responsible and Sustainable Business in the Post-COVID-19 Era
Energy return on investment (EROI) is a ratio that measures the amount of usable energy delivered from an energy source versus the amount of energy used to get that energy resource.
Published in Chapter:
Sustainable Fourth Industrial Revolution
Nima Norouzi (Bournemouth University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-2523-7.ch003
The sustainable revolution constitutes a multiscalar process characterized by gradual interconnection and digitization in economic globalization. This work confronts the discourses derived from this socioeconomic process with the biophysical limits of the planet through the analysis of the material requirements of the basic infrastructure necessary for the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through the study of the discourses and the current situation of natural resources, 13 metals have been identified whose availability in the next 30 years constitutes the limiting factors for the effective deployment of the technologies of this process. In this situation, the theoretical foundations of future potential are established where techno-optimistic and degrowth discourses coexist through uneven development, making sustainability a characteristic based on exclusivity.
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