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What is Sustainable Health

Urban Sustainability and Energy Management of Cities for Improved Health and Well-Being
Sustainable health is the commitment to taking care of health and maintaining it either at a personal level, within a community or neighborhood, or for an entire city.
Published in Chapter:
Sustainability and Health in a Smart City: Health at the Heart of a Smart City
Vinod Anand Bijlani (Independent Researcher, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4030-8.ch011
Smart cities have so far focused on improving citizens' standards of living, with emphasis on better transportation, improved housing spaces and workplaces, and energy conservation. A pandemic-stricken world emerging to adopt a new normal has shifted the focus to health and hastened the need for leveraging technology, including but not limited to Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) to enable Smart Cities to move to the next level of wellbeing. With public health and sustainability in the spotlight, civic agencies and government bodies are now alert to potential future contingencies that cannot be ruled out. This chapter emphasizes the need for a future-proofed healthcare system within sustainable Smart Cities that not only foresees and contains public health emergencies but also provides for its citizens' general wellbeing.
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