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What is Sustainable Production

Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability Initiatives in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Creation of consumer goods with raw materials whose value can be maintained or recovered.
Published in Chapter:
B Corp Certification for a Circular Economy Approach and a Sustainable Pathway
Enrico Maria Mosconi (University of Tuscia, Italy), Stefano Poponi (Niccolò Cusano University, Italy), Simona Fortunati (University of Tuscia, Italy), and Michelangelo Arezzo di Trifiletti (Embassy of the United States of America, Rome, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1419-1.ch009
The “loop” approach of the circular model, which aims to live in the business or market environment, requires a radical evolution of the production techniques, management, and skills in a new concept or idea for the market. Circular Economy results from a long awareness-raising process connected with problems concerning environmental protection. The dissemination of circular economy supposes the adoption of business models which will eventually enable environmental sustainability oriented behaviors, an efficient use of resources, and the respect of ethical, social, and environmental values. Benefit Corporations are companies pursuing these objectives. This chapter identifies and discusses the potential of B Corp certification to apply the principle of Circular economy. In particular, a compared multiple analysis of case studies is used to evaluate how the requirements of the scheme of certification influence the potential circularity of the enterprises analyzed.
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Powering the Sustainable Development Goals for Green Growth in Nigeria
One of the goals promoted by the SGDs that encourages the production of consumables that avoids waste and `encourage long term production.
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The Consumer Role for Sustainable Development: How Consumers Contribute Sustainable Development Goals
Enterprises keeps environmentally-friendly production technologies to protect natural environment and use efficient energy and natural resources at the same time.
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Sustainable Supply Chains for Circular Economy in the Health Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Post Pandemic
Sustainable Production is about producing better quality and more with few available resources. Sustainable production is defined as the creation of goods and services using processes and systems that are: Non-polluting. Conserving of energy and natural resources, which is economically viable, safe, and healthy for workers, consumers, communities, society, environment, and the economy.
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