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What is Symbolic Power

Sociological Perspectives on Educating Children in Contemporary Society
It is the power to define meaning for others and the ability to constitute the context for legitimate social categories.
Published in Chapter:
Encountering New Risks in Educating Children in the Contemporary Society: The Risk of Cyberbullying
Selin Atalay (Izmir Bakircay University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1847-2.ch002
This chapter assesses the phenomenon of cyberbullying as a risk involved in educating children in the contemporary world. While online technologies become a vital part of teenagers' worlds, cyberbullying is becoming a significant problem. In this chapter, cyberbullying is regarded as a social issue that builds on the existing social structures and hierarchies inherent in societies. A sociological perspective is used in analyzing bullying and cyberbullying in relation to power, various forms of capital, and the gender order. The discussion also takes a critical stance and focus on technology as a social construct. Cyberbullying studies conducted in Turkey, which is defined as a ‘lower use, some risk' country for children and prevention strategies against cyberbullying will also be subject to analysis in this chapter. This discussion proposes that a sociological analysis of the underlying mechanisms will be useful in establishing a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of cyberbullying as a social issue.
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Masculine Domination and Gender in Bourdieusian Sociology: The Case of Roma Movie
Bourdieu defined the concept of symbolic power as the power to establish, reproduce and Construct reality.
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