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What is System Architecture

Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology
The software components of a computer system and the inter-relationships between these components.
Published in Chapter:
U-Learning: Educational Models and System Architectures
Des Casey (Monash University, Australia)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-865-9.ch028
Increasingly powerful, handheld, networked devices provide an opportunity for educators to explore and implement ubiquitous learning (u-learning) environments through the extension of e-learning environments to include applications and services delivered to mobile devices. U-learning environments should be developed with both an understanding of human learning in general, and the learning of formally structured knowledge through de-structured u-learning environments. This study proposes a learning model for u-learning environments and a system architecture based on this model. The study outlines the features of the Walkabout u-Learning Environment, which has been implemented and trialled in accordance with the proposed model and architecture.
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Blockchain-Based Health Information Systems to Improve Data Security
This is a technical layout defining the structure, behavior, and views of an information system.
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From Digital Archives to Virtual Exhibitions
The design and representation of a system in which there is a mapping of functionality onto hardware and software components, a mapping of software architecture onto the hardware architecture, and the human interaction with these components to form a software or information retrieval system.
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Constructing New Venues for Service Improvements Using the Architecture of Preventive Service Systems
The structure and the logic of an information system that defines the aspects of its design, construction and maintenance. The architecture of preventive service systems aims at automatic and ongoing detection of potential service malfunctions before customers experience them.
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