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What is Systemic Thinking

Handbook of Research on Socio-Economic Sustainability in the Post-Pandemic Era
Is the epistemology and the study of systems. It is based on the principles of emergence, hierarchy, communication, and control.
Published in Chapter:
Response of the Public Sector to COVID-19 With Organizational Design and Ad hoc Structure: Complexity and Contingency
Manolis Tzouvelekas (Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece & Institute for Social Research Dimitris Mpatsis, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9760-6.ch011
The public sector, like other socio-economic sectors, has been impacted by the pandemic COVID-19. Furthermore, regardless of their national, supranational, and international contexts or capacities, public sectors in almost every country were tasked with more than just coordinating society and economy, mitigating population health risks, and keeping economies afloat. The complexity and interconnectedness of various types of policies necessitates the adoption of new organisational models. This chapter investigates the public sector's challenges in turbulent times. It also describes how organisational design and architecture, other than the dominant new public management model complementary to new public governance model can provide viable, sustainable solutions as well as more democratic leadership and decision making. Based on the theoretical analysis and the methodologies of contingency and complexity theories, the chapter emphasizes the multi-governance model in mitigating the COVID-19 effects through a loose and organic organisational system instead of a bureaucracy.
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Building Capacity through Student Leadership Development and Practices
Thinking that reflects a flexible and adaptive environment that includes decisions by the group’s members.
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Pestel Analysis and the Porter's Five Forces: An Integrated Model of Strategic Sectors
It corresponds to a system of thought where there is a global and dynamic vision of different systems.
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Digital Education Strategy
A form of holistic thinking that focuses on how system components work interconnectedly, how systems evolve overtime, and how systems work in the context of larger systems.
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The Idealization of an Integrated BIM, Lean, and Green Model (BLG)
The concept applied to construction by the Lean Construction movement where optimizing a part or a process is done at the expense of the whole. Therefore we need to optimize the whole so that a continuous flow is achieved with value creation as its landmark and objective. All transformations are analyzed from the whole rather than the part. Systemic Thinking accepts the meta-systemic theory and searches for a local optimum in value generation. See Lean Construction and Meta-systems.
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Shake It Off: Emotional Keys for a Successful Performance in the Clinical Environment
Analyzing situations based on factors influencing the patient's health status from a biopsychosocial perspective.
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