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What is Keylogger

Encyclopedia of Internet Technologies and Applications
A computer program that captures the keystrokes of a computer user and stores them. Modern keyloggers can store additional information, such as images of the user’s screen. Most malicious keyloggers send this data to a third party remotely (such as via e-mail).
Published in Chapter:
A Taxonomy of Online Game Security
Kuen Park (Korea University, South Korea) and Heejo Lee (Korea University, South Korea)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 6
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-993-9.ch085
People enjoy playing games for simple pleasure. Recently, since the emergence and advance of the computer technologies, especially in terms of graphic and networking, which enables people to experience virtual world with a computer network they couldn’t ever have imagined (Smed & Hakonen, 2003). In this respect, the popularity of games has roared, which builds up the cultural phenomenon because numerous people are involved in the game forming community.
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The Electronic Hive Mind and Cybersecurity: Mass-Scale Human Cognitive Limits to Explain the “Weakest Link” in Cybersecurity
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