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What is Teacher Preparation Program

Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms
A college education preparation program which according to state guidelines prepares a student to become a licensed early childhood, elementary, or secondary teacher.
Published in Chapter:
Dynamics of Culture and Curriculum Design: Preparing Culturally Responsive Teacher Candidates
Helen Mele Robinson (College of Staten Island, City University of New York, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9953-3.ch005
The population of the United States of America is becoming more diverse ethnically, racially, and linguistically (Hobbs, Stoops, & Long, 2002). The challenge this poses to faculty of teacher education programs is to edify teacher candidates who are prepared to teach children who might be from a culture other than their own. In this chapter, the author presents a curriculum design model and describes course implementation for exploration of the topic of culture with undergraduate early childhood teacher candidates in a foundations course. Through the course design the preservice teachers are offered an understanding of what is needed to develop the knowledge and skills to be a culturally competent teacher capable of developing a culturally responsive curriculum.
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A Safe Space: Practicing Teaching Skills With Avatars
A program with the content and methods courses, including practicum and field experiences, that prepares students to become professional teachers.
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Blended Learning in Teacher Education: Uncovering its Transformative Potential for Teacher Preparation Programs
The term teacher preparation program means “a State-approved course of study, the completion of which signifies that an enrollee has met all the State's educational or training requirements for initial certification or licensure to teach in the State's elementary or secondary schools.
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Which Window Is Open?: Online Discussions and the Development of Pre-Service Pedagogic Digital Agency
A teacher preparation program is designed to prepare both undergraduate and graduate students to become licensed teachers. Programs can offer students specialized coursework in the grade level and subjects they are interested in teaching.
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Early Field Experiences Through Telepresence Robots: Diverse Placements by Expanding Locations
A coordinated program of coursework and field experience to prepare new educators to enter the profession.
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A Call for Mixed Methods in Evaluating Teacher Preparation Programs
Any pathway that prepares teachers for licensure. A teacher preparation program can be housed in an institute of higher education, but it does not have to be.
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Grow Your Own: Creating New Pathways for Teachers and Leaders
A program to prepare candidates to meet licensure requirements. Also referred to as Educational Preparation Provider.
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Developing a Critical Stance Through Teacher Candidate Coaching
Academic program designed to prepare education majors for initial teacher certification.
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Technology Policies and Practices in Higher Education
An approved course of study that meets the requirements necessary for certification.
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Dilemmas in Asynchronous Multicultural Teacher Education From a Relational Pedagogy Perspective
The courses and field experiences that lead to or are a part of teacher candidate certification, traditionally housed within university colleges of education.
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