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What is Teacher Self-Efficacy

Agricultural Education for Development in the Arab Countries
Teacher self-efficacy refers to a teacher's belief in their ability to successfully carry out specific teaching tasks or goals, even in the face of challenges or obstacles.
Published in Chapter:
Advancing Sustainable Development Through Teacher Professional Development
Melanie J. Miller Foster (The Pennsylvania State University, USA) and Daniel D. Foster (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4050-6.ch009
Teachers are at the heart of education systems because they directly interact with and influence learners in communities around the world. Teachers should be supported through dynamic professional development to engage them as critical partners in sustainable development. Professional development should exhibit the research-based characteristics of a strong content focus, active learning, collaboration, and sufficient duration. Connecting to teacher professional identities and supporting the development of teacher efficacy can help inspire teachers to become change agents in their communities. Communities of practice are one example of professional development practice that bring these elements together. Teacher professional development is an important component of the transformation, but teacher professional development needs to be supported by the educational system to fully realize the potential for impact.
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Multi-Semester Community Building in Higher Education: Examining the Impact on Teacher Education Candidates' Development and Teaching Self-Efficacy
A teacher’s beliefs regarding his or her perceived capability to enact the behaviors necessary to impact student outcomes.
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Exploring the Impact of Instructional Coaching on Middle School Teacher Self-Efficacy: A Single-Case Study
The teacher’s personal belief in his or her capabilities to organize and execute courses of action required to successfully accomplish a certain teaching task in a certain context.
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Professional Development for Educators in Singapore, South Africa, and Zimbabwe: Lessons to Learn From Each Other
Refers to teacher’s belief in his/her ability to successfully cope with tasks, obligations and challenges related to his/her professional role like didactical tasks or managing discipline in the classroom.
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Use of Online Active Methodologies in Higher Education
It is a teacher’s beliefs of their own ability to effectively handle any teaching tasks and obligations related to their profession.
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The Utilization of Digital Educational Content in the Teaching of Sciences in Elementary School as Impactful Learning Experiences
Teacher's belief that he/she has the ability to teach effectively and influence the performance of his students.
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