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What is Technological Development

Technological Development and Impact on Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Any invention and product innovation that enables a new good to be produced, and a process innovation or method that enables an existing good to be produced at a lower cost as a result of the increase in the efficiency of the factors used in its production.
Published in Chapter:
Identification of Factors Affecting the Exports of High-Tech Products: A Panel Data Analysis
Hacer Handan Demir (Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9648-7.ch010
Innovation activities, which have been on a rapid increase, impact countries' degrees of development. Countries that are able to produce and export advanced technology are one step ahead of other countries in terms of international competition. For this reason, exports of high-tech products and related determining factors have become an issue that needs to be addressed. The aim of this study is to examine the determinants of high technology product exports between 2010-2020 for the BRICS-T developing country group using panel regression analysis. As a result of the analysis, GDP and R&D were specified as the most influential variables on exports of high-tech products. A GDP variable of 29.1%, R&D variable 28.9%, FDI variable 16.5%, EMP variable 13.5%, and finally, an ICT variable of 12.8% positively affect high technology product exports in terms of statistics. For developing countries, it is important to improve policies that increase income as well as achieve higher levels of R&D.
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Promoting Lean Innovation for SMEs: A Mexican Case
The systematic use of scientific, technical, economic and commercial knowledge to meet specific business objectives or requirements.
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Teacher Education in Nigerian Universities: Leadership and Management in Instructional Technology
This is a process of ensuring that adoption of technology in classroom instruction follows sequentially from the stage of procurement of technology resources to acquisition of technological skills and lastly utilization of such skills to achieve set goals.
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The Role of Technological Development on Employment
Technology development is the process of advancement and improvement of existing technologies or the creation of entirely new technologies through research and innovation.
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