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What is Technology Utilization

Handbook of Research on Enhancing Teacher Education with Advanced Instructional Technologies
This refers to the proficiency in applying technological resources to achieve instructional goals in a given teaching learning situation.
Published in Chapter:
Teacher Education in Nigerian Universities: Leadership and Management in Instructional Technology
Basil Azubuike Akuegwu (University of Calabar, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8162-0.ch019
Teachers play pivotal roles in the education process. Knowledge transmission constitutes integral aspects of their roles. In order to perform this role effectively, institutions responsible for teacher training have been striving to reposition teacher education for greater results by aligning with global best practices, at the centre of which is instructional technology. However, one thing is to desire the infusion of instructional technology into teacher education, another is to plan how to achieve the best result with it. In this regard, this paper focused on teacher education in Nigerian universities and how leadership and management of instructional technology are reshaping it. Highlights of the discussion include: background, teacher education in Nigerian universities, instructional technology in teacher education in Nigerian, leadership and management in instructional technology in teacher education, challenges of leadership and management in instructional technology and strategies for improving leadership and management in instructional technology.
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