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What is Technostress

Handbook of Research on Faculty Development for Digital Teaching and Learning
It is a type of stress that is caused by the rapid changes in technology and occurs as a result of the inability to meet the changing competencies.
Published in Chapter:
Technostress as a Factor Affecting the Use of Technology by Beginning Teachers
Ahmet Naci Çoklar (Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey), Erkan Efilti (Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey), and Yusuf Levent Şahin (Anadolu University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8476-6.ch023
The use of ICTs has become an obligation rather than an option for teachers. This intense pressure leads to a modern adaptation disorder expressed as technostress. Technostress is one of the many problems experienced particularly by beginning teachers, and the technostress levels of these teachers were investigated. For this purpose, in the 2015-2016 academic years, data were collected from 83 teachers having a professional seniority of 0-5 years. It was concluded that the general levels of technostress of the teachers were moderate, which they had a moderate-level technostress at the learning-teaching process-oriented, technical-issue-oriented, and social-oriented technostress factors, and they had a low-level of technostress at the profession-oriented and personal-oriented technostress factors. When examined in terms of the variables, while the general level of technostress does not vary by gender and branch group, it varies by the variable of average use of the internet. Finally, the solution proposals for technostress were examined.
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More Results
Online Teaching Satisfaction and Technostress at Japanese Universities During Emergency Remote Teaching
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Positive Technology: A Growing Market With a Potential to Rebuild a Resilient Society During and After the COVID-19 Crisis
The inability of an individual to cope with technology related demands in the environment. The demands may be perceived as techno-overload, techno-uncertainties, techno-insecurity, techno-invasion, and techno-complexity.
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Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Integrate Technology in the K-12 Language Classrooms
Inability or disequilibrium caused by fast-paced introduction of new technologies, technological changes, or the excessive exposure or use of technology that may cause individuals to reject its use.
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Supporting the Pedagogical Needs of Preservice Teachers During a Time of Crisis: Providing Online Modules to Address Teaching at a Distance
A negative psychological response to technology usage caused by perceptions of discrepancies between technology-related resources and demands.
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The Role of Flexible Working Arrangements in Reducing Technostress and Job Tension That Negatively Affect Service Innovation Behavior
It is the situation where the individual has difficulty or inability while learning and using information and communication technologies.
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Mobile Technostress
The negative psychological link between people and the introduction of new technologies.
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Technostress: Information Overload and Coping Strategies
It's the costs of the tech revolution for people.
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Stress, Coping, and Social Media Use
A situation in which individuals cannot adapt to or cope with new computer technologies in a healthy way.
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