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What is Adhocracy Culture

Enhancing Employee Motivation Through Training and Development
Managers have a vision for their subordinates and focus on innovation and creativity, including all employees of diverse backgrounds ( Conmy, n.d. ).
Published in Chapter:
The Aspects of Organizational Culture
Nicholas Patrick (Adler University, Canada)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 31
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1674-0.ch001
This chapter explores the multidimensions or facets of organizational culture and how it creates a common culture between employees and their organization. It explores a formal and informal definition of organizational culture, why organizational culture matters, and the characteristics of organizational culture. Moreover, it explores a positive or negative organizational culture, the seven dimensions of organizational culture, Schein's cultural iceberg, Hofstede's model of organizational culture, and Charles Handy's model of organizational culture. These theories are investigated and summarized in the tables throughout the chapter to help understand how a summation of many parts can describe organizational culture. Additionally, it explores the four types of organizational culture, core values, subcultures, and countercultures, and their influence on shaping organizational culture. Lastly, Thomas Kilmann's conflict resolution model is explored as a summation of the theories above and explains how advancements in training and development lead to a positive organizational culture.
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(Re)constructing Leadership: Complexity and Flexibility
Adhocracy culture is an externally orientated, intensely creative, and high adaptable type of organizational culture.
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From Information Management to Knowledge Management
An organizational culture in which various groups of individuals reach consensus by responding in an ad hoc fashion to frequently changing priorities.
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Knowledge Management in Large Complex Organizations: The Subcultural Level
A type of organisational culture with value placed upon flexibility, innovation, and creativity, with a focus placed on one or more externalities such as the customer, market, technology, etc.
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