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What is Life-Long Learning

Handbook of Research on Strategic Fit and Design in Business Ecosystems
A concept that expresses continuous learning from childhood to retirement. It refers to making more investments to people and knowledge, incentivizing necessary know-how and skills including digital literacy, and expansion of flexible and novel education opportunities.
Published in Chapter:
The Effects of Industry 4.0 on Labor Force Attributes and New Challenges
Mehmet Saim Aşçı (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1125-1.ch019
Unmanned factories became a topic of discussion after the concept of Industry 4.0 was first introduced in the Hannover Fair in 2001, and increasing the computerization level in business life and supporting the production processes with advanced technology were determined as targets. In this regard, artificial intelligence and increased automation are expected to create new kinds of jobs in the coming years; however, a significant problem is predicted considering that these changes will invalidate a high number of job types exist today. Thus, the workforce will face a severe unemployment threat. As a result of all of this, radical changes in the work methods, along with means of seeking employment, are now considered. The qualities of the work and the workforce are being transformed along with the organization methods of the production. While on the other hand, it becomes evident that education also has to adapt to this transformation. In this study, the issues the labor might have to face during this period will be discussed, along with what could be done to solve these problems.
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Transformation of Higher Education in China: A Teaching Methods Perspective
As the term implies, life-long learning refers to the concept that individuals continue to learn and evolve in their knowledge and skills throughout their lives. In the rapidly changing globalized world having capabilities for life-long learning is imperative to being able effectively interact with and contribute to ongoing development of society. It is identified as one of the core capabilities of living effectively in the 21 st century.
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Competences of the Future: Educational Processes vs. Challenges and Barriers of Contemporary Labor Markets
Learning that is pursued throughout life, it is flexible, diverse and available at different times and in different places.
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Leading with Intention: The Power of Must, Will, and Now
Life-long learning is the continuous process of acquiring knowledge and skills that help to promote one’s productivity and effectiveness in the workplace as well as greater enjoyment of and enthusiasm for life in general.
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Adult Education and Adult Learning Processes with ICT
A conceptual framework within which the learning needs of people of all ages and educational and occupational levels may be met, regardless of their circumstances.
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The Making of Adult Learners through Project-Based Learning
It refers to an ongoing pursuit of knowledge which is essential for personal growth or professional development during the whole life.
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Use of Digital Objects for Improving the Learning Process
A process aimed at creating and maintaining a positive attitude towards learning for both personal and professional development.
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